Servers are under maintence till 11\21

Our server gear play2 and game servers are was shooten down for the maintence. Servers will be online soon. if you want to play csgo go to dolphins servers in servers page. (quake live, cs 1.6 servers wasn't effected)

Back to work UPDATE Madness

Hello again summer is over. Now we have more time for our project. So let's start with the update list.

We have launched the server: with server IP
-Server gathering rate 2x
-Server plugins are : zlevels(EDITED), autopurge, personal map, EVIL HELI(CUSTOM), Gui announcements.
-Fixed RUST own anti-hack
-New Plugin Anti-cheat(CUSTOM) no flying around auto BAN.
Added forgot the password system. Now u can retrieve your password using your email.
Fix'es: Loading shout box and server list.
Added the v.i.p system {template only }
We have launc...

Finnally Update. Out of ALPHA greetings BETA[CSGO]

Yes WE ARE OUT OF ALPHA STAGE in csgo server. Now it's going to be your suggestions. So suggest new ideas in the forums.
After all these problems with crashes they are finally fixed.
So let's get on the updates list:
Fixed Crashes caused by bots during the warm up time.
Added ton's of maps (i will remove radars in future for buggy ones).
Fixed Ban system when player has disconnected from the server.
Hostage in "CS_" maps is now spawning in random location every round.
Fixed VIP health cap to 160 HP
Removed throwing knifes this plugin has to be...

Sveikas, kylam ;), Kaip pats? :D
[User] nBooMy a week ago
Kaip laikotes?
Laba diena
[Owner] uraganas 2 weeks ago
Cia po update?
[User] Dyperis 2 weeks ago
Kas RUST serveriui ? Rašo Negotiating connection ....
[User] Dyperis 2 weeks ago
RUST laukia jūsų prisilietimo :) Kada fixinsit ? :)
[Owner] XEDD 2 weeks ago
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